Music, Travel and I

I am a hardcore music lover irrespective of genre, It’s like I live in a musical, and sometimes I wish, life had background music. Imagine yourself waking up to your favourite song, and you moonwalk out of your bed! Feel good music playing for all the happy moments and lullaby to sleep!

And whenever I travel, I never miss an opportunity to embrace the mystic power of music, be it live music clubs, street artist, random jam sessions by acquaintances!

Like when I was in DC, one of my colleague, a DJ himself, took me to this space for artists, where experienced artist jam with amateurs, a place where amateur artist get the opportunity to learn from the pro. I got to witness a trippy impromptu Jam session, where young people started rapping, and the pro’s tagged along created a beautiful mashup of music out of thin air!

——————–  ———————–  ——————–  ———————– ——————–  ———————–

The old jazz club in Paris “Le Caveau de la Huchette”, where they have live concerts every day! Cosy place in the basement of a 16th-century building. Old couple dancing to the music was a treat for eyes.
The music and dance was a delight and a moment of joy.

——————–  ———————–  ——————–  ———————– ——————–  ———————–

The fantastic street artists trio in Amsterdam, it was a joy listening to them. I got caught in there world for a good 20 mins!

——————–  ———————–  ——————–  ———————– ——————–  ———————–

The Amazing drum circle in Brooklyn, New York

——————–  ———————–  ——————–  ———————– ——————–  ———————–

This dance with traditional Thai music, Try closing your eyes listen to it with your heart! Imagine yourself in a long lost time. I was hooked on to classical Thai music.

On my wishlist

  • Traditional Sufi song/dance
  • Mongolian throat music

Do you feel the same? Have you ever took the time to listen to these wonderful artists?

2 thoughts on “Music, Travel and I

  1. “Music” – is indeed a soul toucher 🙂
    “Travel” – Visited ur insta and this blog. So nice 🙂
    “I” – This, some questions though 🙂
    What does travel do to u?
    Has it brought you even more closer to yourself?
    Are u trying to escape the maddening society or/and moving inwards?

    Sorry, just felt like asking. If you feel it is too personal, pls ignore.


    1. Good Questions! Haha.
      I don’t mind answering, and of course, everything I say will be the justification I give to myself for the same questions, I ask myself.

      Long Answer! 😀
      What does travel do to you? Are you trying to escape the maddening society or/and moving inwards?
      – I am going to answer this together, as I feel these are connected, at least for me.

      First of all, for me, I would like to see it as a way of life and not an escape from anything. For instance, it’s never a vacation, I hustle a lot to travel, and there are a lot of uncertainties.

      The motorbike trip I did around the EU last summer; It was around central and east Europe. When I was thinking about it, everyone was like, “it’s dangerous.” And buying a motorbike with an Indian license, and everything was tricker. To add to that, after one month on the trip I had no clue how much money because logically it should have finished after 1.5 months, I was scared to check my acc, and I kept moving. I traveled for almost three months. What I am trying to say is, “does this look like escaping from madness”? I will say the opposite!

      Even though I consider myself an introvert, I like meeting diverse people, people who think different, people with stories. When traveling to new places, you meet amazing people, both local and others like you. You need to keep yourself open.

      So I guess travel for me is exploring! I understand this world is enormous, and I would like to discover new things, ideas, perspectives (not just places), like the explorers of the past. And I practice this in my life as I believe you can learn from every experience you have, but you need to be naive, push yourself out of your comfort zone, willing to see it, be stupidly optimistic and embrace uncertainty.

      Has it brought you even more, closer to yourself?
      Yes, it has bought me closer to myself, but that happened to me even without traveling, by just being in different environments, and pushing myself to see things outside.


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